For all women, losing hair is disheartening. Female Hair Loss in Panama does not only occur in post-menopausal women. A woman who notices the beginnings of hair loss may not be sure if it is going to be temporary or permanent. Events such as pregnancy or illness are associated with temporary hair thinning.

In most cases female hair loss in Panama can be treated by a physician or a hair restoration specialist.

In women, as in men, the most likely cause of scalp hair loss is androgenetic alopecia. However women with hair loss due to this cause do not develop true baldness in the patterns that occur in men.

Unlike for men, thinning scalp hair in women due to androgenetic alopecia does not uniformly grow smaller in diameter and has miniaturizing hairs of variable diameter.

Diagnosis of hair loss in women

The diagnosis by qualified DHI staff in Panama is based upon:

  • Thorough medical history
  • Duration and pattern of hair loss
  • Medication and diet of the patient
  • Family hair loss history
  • Physical examination of the scalp (DHI Alopecia test)
  • Blood tests

Female Pattern Baldness Causes
Several pathophysiological factors may cause androgenetic alopecia in women:

  • Higher levels of 5a reductase
  • More androgen receptors
  • Lower levels of cytochrome P450

Non Pattern Causes of Hair Loss in Women
Hair loss in women may caused by other conditions apart from androgenetic alopecia:

  • Complusive Hair Pulling
  • Alopecia Aresta
  • Triangular Alopecia
  • Scarring Alopecia
  • Telegen Effluvium

Treatment of Female Hair Loss
The hair restoration industry has come a long way since conventional surgery, where a strip of skin is removed from the back of the head in order to harvest hair follicles to transplant.

Several techniques have been developed by DHI which can reduce female hair loss: Direct Hair Implantation, PRP, Scalp Micropigmentation, as well as new supportive natural hair loss products such as shampoos and lotions.