The DHI products are the best item for hair loss in Panama. They contain natural ingredients from the Mediterranean such as laurel, olive oil and sunflower seed as well as extracts from Hellenic herbs giving life and vibrancy to the hair follicle that elongates the anagen phase of hair life. These shampoos also contain the latest generation of oligopeptides that protect and nourish the different types of hair. The range of shampoos and lotions for hair loss in Panama are suitable for men and women and are specially designed for different hair types such as dry, normal or greasy.

DHI Anagen Products

  • Are composed of natural ingredients from the Mediterranean that are beneficial to the human scalp.
  • Remove dead cells and revitalizes the scalp.
  • Increase local blood flow when massaged into the scalp.
  • Provide vital nutrients to the hair follicle

Hair Growth Lotion

  • Hair lotion with the latest generation of oligopeptides that reduces hair loss, and contains ginseng extracts that stimulate the micro-circulation on the scalp and hair growth.

Recommended Usage for Hair Loss in Panama

  • Anagan shampoo is applied daily on the donor area during the first, second and third post-operative days.
  • On the fourth post-operative day, the daily Anagen shampoo can be used on the entire scalp up to two times. This procedure continues for two months following the hair transplant.
  • After hair restoration, Anagen shampoo for thin/normal hair and Anagen shampoo for dry (or oily) hair are used interchangeably from the third to twelfth month.

Soothing Lotion
The objective is to promote healing of the donor area:

  • Soothing lotion for hair is an anti-irritant lotion, providing short and long term immune protection, as well as antiphlogistic and anti-inflammatory effects that moisturizes and protects the hair and scalp.