Beard restoration in Panama can be achieved with a minimally invasive Direct Hair Implant (DHI) technique under local anesthesia and without creating any scarring to the implanted area. Hair grafts from the scalp and selected single hair follicles can be successfully transplanted in the face so that maximum density can be achieved in the natural direction of growing hair.

Facial hair transplant in a male is done in areas where the hair is either missing or is very thin. The following things have to be kept in mind while planning a beard restoration procedure: a) shape of the face, b) ethnicity, c) age, and d) personal preference. Depending on choice requirements, filling in an area to full thickness can be given.

It is extremely important to properly counsel the patient about the procedure. At DHI Global Medical Group in Panama, pre-procedural protocols are in place to ensure 100% safety and a successful outcome.

Beard Restoration with Direct Hair Implantation

Beard restoration is suitable for men who want to grow their own facial hair so that they can achieve a long lasting result that looks 100% natural. This uses our flagship hair restoration technique, Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) to restore facial hair by using hair follicles from a donor area (generally your scalp) and transplanting hair to the desired areas. We apply the latest innovations in hair replacement technology to deliver excellent results that you will love, and best of all, can be done in one sitting in most cases.

Transplanted hair follicles are picked one by one to match the beard or mustache, and thanks to DHI World class procedures and techniques by our qualified trained doctors, there is complete control over the angle, depth and direction of the transplanted hair  to achieve a nice and natural-looking result.

How does Beard Restoration work?

At DHI, through medications, specialized innovative tools and local anesthesia, the area to be worked upon is completely numbed and the procedure in itself is almost completely painless. The patients are made aware of the procedure at every step to put them at ease. Post-procedure, the patients are advised to follow medications and precautions for 2 to 3 days following before they can get back to their normal routine. Beard restoration with DHI restores the natural looking hair on the beard and the mustache. The facial hair requirements are as follows:

a) 600 – 1,000 hairs for the mustache

b) 1,200 – 1,500 hairs for a full goatee

c) 400 – 600 hairs for side burn

d) 1,000 – 1,500 hairs for the cheek

  • The doctor thoroughly designs the beard or mustache area according to the needs of the patient, to determine a defined symmetry.
  • The number of the required hairs and the kind of hair follicle required for a natural result and density are counted.
  • The required hair follicles are extracted from the donor area (usually from the scalp).
  • The extracted hair follicles are placed into the beard or mustache area.
  • The implanted hair will grow and look natural throughout a person’s lifetime.