Platelet-Rich Plasma

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Platelete-Rich Plasma is a completely safe procedure with no side effects.


  • A small amount of blood (less than 50 ml) is obtained from the patient
  • Platelet-Rich Plasma is isolated following the centrifugation of blood
  • PRP is activated with DNA activators (thrombin) and enriched with calcium ions (e.g. calcium chloride)
  • Activated PRP is injected into the area which is suffering from hair loss in order to stimulate hair growth

DHI has developed a special new method for controlling alopecia hair loss. Plasma-enriched growth factors are injected intradermal into the scalp, with the objective of stimulating the scalp to support and strengthen hair growth.

Platelet-Rich Plasma in Panama, (PRP) can be used as an individual treatment, primarily to fortify the hair follicle, thus ensuring it´s longevity and viability as well as maintenance and conservation of the existing hair, but also to reinvigorate dormant hair follicles and stimulate growth of newly transplanted hair.

Moreover, PRP can be coupled with any hair transplant procedure, helping partially transected follicles from the donor area; regenerate bristles and also helping the hair follicles in the recipient areas to enhance the development of new hair.

The PRP hair restoration process involves centrifugation of the blood from the patient, which is sampled prior to the hair implantation procedure. With a special kit we are then able to use the plasma enriched growth factors and cytokines (proteins growth) in order to strengthen and improve the longevity of the hair follicle.

DHI has developed its own protocols of harvesting and injecting Platelets-Rich Plasma for cases such as a thinning hair area where PRP increases strength and longevity; and along with transplanted hair procedures where PRP nourishes implanted hair making them grow healthier, also making the hair follicles denser. PRP is a completely safe procedure with no side effects.


There is a growing percentage of positive evidence from many researchers, who suggest that PRP provides significant advantages for treatment of hair loss and can be used in modern day hair restoration surgery. Numerous independent studies have shown promising results when PRP is combined with hair implantation such as:

Reduces erythema (redness and irritation).

Reduces the formation of crust or scabbing.

Reduces Trauma and Inflammation.

Reduces Patients Discomfort and much Faster Healing.

Accelerated Growth of Hairs when PRP is applied.

Increased size of follicles per unit.

Increased longevity of already existing hairs.


Platelets release growth factors, which are responsible for almost all repair processes in the body.

Pain Management

PRP reduce or eliminate pain through healing. The platelets in PRP release growth factors that play a vital role in bone healing. Growth factors include Platelet-derived Growth Factor, Transforming Growth Factor-β, Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor as well as several others. Up to 7 types of growth factors as well as cytokines can be found in PRP.

Soft-tissue Injuries

PRP is exceptionally effective in treating acute soft-tissue injuries.

PRP stimulates a healing cascade in the broken ligaments, tendons and muscle cartilages, in some cases even bone regeneration. PRP treatments neither require extended stays in hospitals nor a prolonged recovery stage.



Reduce wrinkles and fine lines without going through surgical procedures. Since PRP uses the patient’s own blood to produce the platelets, they are far safer than other surgical and non-surgical procedures out there.

PRP procedure helps restore and enhance skin regions, and improves its texture and tone considerably. The treatment will leave the patient looking more youthful.

Hair Loss

Here at DHI Global Medical Group we recognize that the correct diagnosis is the basis for a successful treatment. We are the best hair restoration clinic in Panama.

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