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Our DHI direct hair implant technique is one of the most innovative and effective hair transplant techniques.


We at DHI offer and develop the most innovative and advanced techniques to combat the various problems of hair loss.

Our DHI Direct Hair Implant technique is the most innovative and effective technique of existing hair implantation.

This procedure is highly effective in the implantation of each hair. With a natural appearance, and above all permanent.

Implanted hair will not fall

Experienced surgeon

Highly effective results

Safety Protocols and Practices

Extraction phase

The hair follicles are extracted one by one from the donor area, using a specifically designed disposable tool with a diameter of 1 mm or less. The follicles are maintained at a specific temperature and with a solution that maintains the vitality of it. Throughout the procedure no tissue is damaged.

Implementation phase

The follicles are implanted in the region where there is hair loss using a tool patented by DHI, which has a diameter of 1 mm or less, depending on the size of the follicle that is extracted. This procedure needs to be seen microscopically for greater precision.



Thanks to the implant of DHI we can have total control of the depth, direction and angle of the follicle placement, ensuring highly effective results, the maximum viability and the permanence of it.

With the Direct Hair Implantation technique of DHI, the follicles are implanted one by one directly in the area with hair loss. The technique is carried out with our instrument, the “DHI Implantator” (specially designed and patented by DHI) with which the direction, angle and depth of each graft is completely controlled; thus delivering a natural appearance result.

For each implant we select only the strongest follicles of the scalp, to ensure that our patients receive the maximum success rate, between 90 and 97%. And because the implanted follicles do not have the gene that causes them to weaken and fall, the hair will grow naturally for life.

Characteristics of Direct Hair Implantation

Maximum Effectiveness

DHI guarantees between 90 and 97% effectiveness in the implantation of each hair.


Each procedure is carried out using strict safety protocols to guarantee the well-being of our patients.

Only doctors

The entire procedure is carried out only by trained and certified surgeons at the DHI Capillary Restoration Academy in London. Before they can touch a patient, they undergo extensive and rigorous training in the art and science of hair restoration. And they are certified every year based on the quality of their results.

Specially Designed Tools

Both for the extraction and implantation of the follicles, disposable instruments are used, designed by DHI, which have a very small diameter (from 0.6 mm to 1.0 mm).

Natural Appearance Result

The implanted hair will look natural, because we have total control of the depth, direction and angle of placement of each follicle.

Growth for life

Because we only choose and implement the healthiest follicles, which are genetically designed to grow.

What is a hair transplant?

An excellent viable solution for many types of hair loss is a hair transplant for men in Panama.

A hair transplant is a procedure where the most healthy and genetically resistant hair follicles are extracted from the back of the head (donor area) of the scalp and then reinserted into the parts of the head suffering from male pattern baldness, commonly known as androgenetic alopecia.

These techniques can be an excellent solution for many types of hair loss or alopecia disorders of the scalp.

What factors should I consider before performing a hair transplant for men in Panama?

When evaluating a patient about the best possible treatment for their hair loss or alopecia on the scalp, it is important to consider:

The type of alopecia and hair loss suffered by the patient.

The realistic expectations of the patient with their individual needs.

The availability of hair in the (donor area), located on the back of the head.


DHI Technique

Why should I choose a DHI hair transplant (direct follicle implant) instead of an FUE?

The DHI technique uses a special exclusive design implant that precisely controls the direction, angle and depth of the implanted follicle. This method creates a completely natural hair line with a natural appearance.

Patients with DHI can return to their normal routine practically the next day.

With the DHI technique, so that the hair follicle is implanted directly into the scalp without the need for holes or openings.

With the DHI technique, the extracted follicles are implanted directly in the recipient's area, while in the FUE technique, the slits or holes open in the recipient's area, and the follicles are finally placed in the open slots or in the holes of the previous receiver. There is no additional step to open the holes of the previous receivers with the DHI technique.

How to know if you are a good candidate for a hair transplant for men with DHI (direct follicle implant), in Panama?

If you need to recover your front hairline, or any missing hair on your head.

If you need a facial hair transplant , either for an eyebrow or a beard.

If you want to have thicker and higher hair density in your areas of recoil and baldness.

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Hair Loss

Here at DHI Global Medical Group we recognize that the correct diagnosis is the basis for a successful treatment. We are the best hair restoration clinic in Panama.

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