Hair dyes

Hair dyes and alopecia

Hair dyes are a trend especially in women, whether to cover gray hair, change the look, cover alopecia, enhance the features of their face, and even depending on the season of the year to look fresher or more elegant.

When we talk about hair coloring products, what we always hear mentioned as a harmful or toxic ingredient is ammonia, despite it not being the most harmful substance they contain. One of the substances that we can consider especially harmful in terms of possible side effects with hair dyes is PPD, which is defined as a stabilizing chemical compound.

Ammonia is not one of the substances that causes the most problems, although it can cause allergic reactions, irritation and can change the color of our hair.

The reactions caused by hair dyes are usually irritating or allergic and manifest themselves in the form of dermatitis or eczema. In cases where the irritation is very intense, it can cause hair loss, but this is not common. Another problem associated with these allergic reactions could be dandruff since certain dyes can increase itching, redness and, consequently, peeling of the scalp.

We know that for many women it becomes necessary to use dyes to cover gray hair, so if you are worried about the way your hair has been falling out due to the recurring use of dyes, at DHI Panama we can guide you and offer a variety of solutions. and treatments for you.

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