Hair extensions to hide alopecia

Hair extensions are a quick solution for people who have little hair or some type of alopecia because they offer abundant and voluminous hair, as well as long hair in cases where another alternative to short hair is necessary. However, you should know that the excessive or inappropriate use of extensions can cause damage to both your own hair and the scalp.

Among the risks associated with the use of extensions are:

Sudden hair loss: This is because prevent hair from falling naturally, so when we remove them we can see sudden hair loss.
Alopecia: The weight of the extensions causes traction on the hair follicles, which can atrophy and produce finer and shorter hair. In severe cases, bald patches can be found on the scalp.
Dullness: Extensions can damage the hair cuticle, diminishing the shine and vitality of natural hair.
Injuries: Some cases may present folliculitis, which manifests as inflammation in the follicles and scalp. Especially when placing them, the materials used, and even when removing the extensions.
Allergies and/or dermatitis: Seborrheic dermatitis is caused by rubbing the skin with the glues used to fix it. This can be seen as irritation, scaling, or rashes.

In all cases, it must be remembered that the continued use of extensions can aggravate the existing pictures of alopecia in women. Taking all these points into account, at our DHI Panama hair clinic we recommend that the use of extensions be very occasional, placed and removed by a professional and never duplicating the length of natural hair. It is also recommended to carry out some other hair treatment in the most serious cases.