Trasplante de Cabello en Turquía

Hair transplant in Turkey

Hair transplant in Turkey. A Hair transplant is a trending aesthetic procedure. Every day, more and more people are choosing to improve their physical appearance through hair restoration with natural results. Within this growing industry, the idea has arisen that Turkey is the ideal destination for this radical change in the life of the patient. In the following blog, we will explain everything you need to know about a Hair Transplant in Turkey.

Why Turkey?

To begin with, it is the exotic destination that we have all dreamed of visiting at some point. But in terms of medical tourism, the government of this country has discovered an important economic niche to exploit. Taking into account the increasing number of tourists who visit the country in search of cheap medical procedures, the government has decided to support the sector by investing in improvements in medical and tourist infrastructure.

Not everything is rosy in Turkey

Although this seems positive in some ways, it also has its dark side. Along with this medical tourism “boom”, the number of cases of medical malpractice and horror stories in the hands of unqualified personnel, has increased.
In Turkey, it has become common to carry out hair transplants en masse, at the hands of technicians and in many cases people who do not have any type of study or preparation to perform a procedure of this caliber.

So, what should I know about a Hair Transplant in Turkey?

Price is not everything

Although Turkey promises extremely low prices, in the case of a hair transplant, the experience and certification of the specialist, the technique used and verifiable results are more important.
Before making the decision to travel into the unknown, take these factors into account, since you are about to put your physical appearance in the hands of someone who may not have a guarantee of good results.

DHI Panama, Hair Clinic in Latin America

The DHI Panama Clinic, in Latin America, is the #1 Hair Transplant clinic, offering the peace of being in the hands of professionals:

  • Our medical team is certified by DHI Global Medical Group, with more than 50 years of experience worldwide.
  • DHI follows standardized protocols for each procedure.
  • Our DHI Technique allows the specialist to have total control of the direction, angle and depth of each implanted follicle.
  • The results we seek to deliver are always natural (not doll hair).
  • Almost no cuts are made, and no scars are left, the procedure is minimally invasive.

Regarding prices, you can contact our Clinic Manager directly at (507) 6349-5550 or by filling out the contact form.
Give yourself a second chance with DHI Panama, the #1 Hair Transplant clinic in Latin America.