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Hair Transplant Side Effects

Hair Transplant Side Effects: Although there are products and medications that can help you strengthen hair and stimulate its growth, the truth is that, when the hair follicle has died, the only thing that can restore new hair is a hair transplant.

As we have seen before, there are different hair restoration techniques, among the best known are: FUE (Extraction of Follicular Unit), FUT or Strip (Transplantation of Follicular Unit) and DHI (Direct Hair Implant). These techniques attend to different processes and protocols, and some are more invasive than others, so the risk of side effects depends directly on the technique used and, of course, the skill and experience of the medical specialist.

Today we will explain the possible side effects that a hair transplant can bring, so that you can take the decision to restore your hair well-informed:


Yes, just as you read it. When you have a hair transplant, instead of growing, it will fall out. But calm down, this is a natural side effect and is known as the shock phase. Although the visible hair falls out, the root is there preparing to grow and never fall again. This process lasts approximately for the first 4 months.


How much you are going to bleed depends a lot on the technique that the specialist is using, for example, the FUT or Strip technique cuts a portion of skin from the donor area, which makes it a highly invasive technique and the patient will experience more bleeding.

On the other hand, the extraction of follicles from the donor area with the FUE or DHI technique is almost null. The hair is extracted one by one and will depend rather on the skill and experience of the specialist doctor.

Please remember that, although the FUE and DHI techniques, extract hair in similar ways, the implantation is different. DHI makes a direct hair implantation on the bald areas, with a special tool whose diameter does not exceed 1mm. This ensures that both extraction and implantation will be safe.


If you have chosen a good doctor and a reputable clinic with high standards and surgical safety protocols, this should not be a concern. Before making the decision to undergo a cosmetic procedure such as a hair transplant, be sure to visit the clinic, learn about the opinions and results of other patients. Do not accept procedures that are performed in non-sterile rooms.


Like bleeding, pain will depend a lot on the technique used. Definitely a hair transplant procedure with the FUT technique is very painful and requires a long recovery time.

In this regard, the pain with FUE will depend on the specialist and what implantation method is used. The DHI technique, used at the DHI Panama hair clinic, on the other hand, minimizes pain and patients can enjoy a movie or rest without problems while their hair is restored.


Definitely, after a hair transplant there will be inflammation, but it will depend on the technique used and the person. Although some people simply do not have any inflammation, in others it may manifest itself on the forehead or around the eyes. Don´t worry, it is a side effect that will only last a couple of days.


WILL I HAVE SCARS? It is one of the most frequently asked questions and as we have explained to you at the beginning, everything depends on the technique, skill and experience of the doctor.

The FUT or Strip leaves a large scar on the back of the head, also known as the donor area.

FUE will leave small dots in the donor area, in some cases minimal and in others highly visible depending on the doctor and his experience.

The DHI technique, used in the DHI Panama hair clinic, is minimally invasive and the results have a 100% natural appearance, so it will be impossible for anyone to detect that you had a hair transplant.

You can learn more about the difference in techniques at: DHI vs FUE & FUT.


It is important before making the decision that you can properly document yourself and consult with a team of experienced professionals with a worldwide reputation.

The DHI Panama hair clinic has successfully restore the hair of patients not only in Latin America but around the world. Our doctor is one of the Top 5 certified hair restoration specialists of the DHI Global Medical Group franchise.

Before saying more, it is better that you see results by yourself: Hair Transplant Results here.

Remember if a clinic does not show you results, it cannot be trusted.

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