¿Cómo estimular el crecimiento del cabello?

How to stimulate hair growth?

How to stimulate hair growth? Hair is an important part of our appearance and regardless of its color, style and length, what matters most is it health. At DHI Panama we want you to learn more about your hair and how to stimulate its growth naturally to increase its strength, length and health.


To understand hair growth, you need to understand its structure. Hair is made up of keratin, which is a protein made up of multiple layers of flat cells that make up each hair shaft. Each hair grows from the hair follicle in the dermis, attaching the hair to the scalp. These shafts can have long, thick terminal hair or short, delicate hair.


  • Anagen: This is when hair is born and begins to grow. The cells of the hair follicle divide rapidly and produce new hair. Currently, about 90% of hair is in this stage. Depending on genetic factors, the growth period can last from 2 to 7 years.
  • Catagen: This is a short period, around 2-3 weeks. It is believed to be a transitional phase in which hair stops growing and is isolated from the blood supply, triggering hair formation.
  • Telogen: Hair remains at the root of the hair, while new hair grows underneath. After about three months, the hair will fall out, allowing new hair to come out of the follicles.


Although you can’t change the factors that affect your hair, such as age and genetics, here are some tips to help you maintain a longer growth period.

  • Stimulate the scalp with frequent massage
  • Trim split ends
  • Stay away from chemical treatments
  • Brush your hair every day.
  • Avoid direct heat on the hair. It is important to keep it hydrated.
  • Do not wash it every day.
  • Use silk pillow covers.


The way you take care of your body also plays an important role in hair growth. For example, increasing your protein intake can promote hair growth, because hair follicles are primarily protein.

It is important to reduce your intake of sugar, starchy white foods, alcohol, and swordfish.

Increase eggs, berries, beans, cereals, fatty fish, which contain protein, vitamins E, A and C, minerals such as omega-3 fatty acids, iron and zinc, nuts and seeds, spinach and whole grains .

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