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Antes 12 Meses Después

Scale 4

The patient Jorge Fernández arrived at our clinic in June 2018, worried about the advanced hair loss that he had been suffering since he was very young.

After an evaluation with our computerized medical system (HairSys), it was determined that in this case the patient had various areas in which he had androgenic alopecia, with a Norwood scale 4.

Fortunately, the patient’s donor area was in good condition.

The amount of hair to be implanted to cover the entire area was estimated at 7,000, but during the procedure 9,337 were extracted, thus guaranteeing the best possible density.

This procedure was carried out in 2 days.


Implanted Hair: 9,337

Norwood: 4


Front Before

Crown Before

Front 2 Months

Crown 2 Months

Front 6 Months

Crown 6 Months

Front 8 Months

Crown 8 Months

Front 12 Months

Crown 12 Months

Superior Before

Right Side Before

Superior 2 Months

Right Side 2 Months

Superior 6 Months

Right Side 6 Months

Superior 8 Months

Right Side 8 Months

Superior 12 Months

Right Side 12 Months

Hair Loss

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