¿Cómo reducir el riesgo de contagio por COVID-19?

How to reduce the risk of infection by COVID-19?

How to reduce the risk of infection by COVID-19? Although the Corona Virus, COVID-19, outbreak started in 2019, it has been this year 2020 that has been overshadowed by its spread around the world.

COVID-19 took us all by surprise because of how quickly it spread to many people. The sanitary measures imposed by governments changed our daily lives and according to experts, they will stay with us for a long time.

Although, after several months of facing the virus, quarantine measures have begun to be lifted; But this does not mean that we can stop paying attention to health security.


  1. Constant hand washing: The fastest way to spread is through contact. Keeping hands clean is essential; If you are far from being able to use soap and water, you can use denatured alcohol, alcohol gel or wipes to disinfect.
  2. Social distancing: It is important that you can maintain social distancing from people you meet on the street or in the office. An appropriate distance is 2 meters.
  3. Do not touch your face: It seems impossible, but we have to avoid touching our eyes or mouth as much as possible. If you have contact with an infected surface and then put yur hands on your faces, you will be infected.
  4. Use of mask: The use of mask in Panama and in many parts of the world is mandatory until further notice; with it the chances of infection are reduced. Entry business establishments is prohibited, without the use of a mask.
  5. Clean clothes: If you are back at home, after work or shopping, remember to take your clothes from the street to the washing machine, leave your shoes at the door, take a shower and put on clean clothes.
  6. Cleaning groceries from the supermarket: When you return home with your purchases, remember to clean them: canned goods, fruits, vegetables, bags. Everything has to be carefully cleaned before storing.

DHI PANAMA: without risk of infection by COVID-19

The DHI Panama hair clinic is place safe and free from infection by COVID-19. Since before the start of the pandemic, DHI Panama had complied with the strictest sanitary security protocols, always seeking to ensure the results that represent to us.

From the moment you enter the DHI Panama hair clinic, you will have the security of being in an environment free from the risk of COVID-19 infection.

If you are interested in a diagnosis for the Hair Transplant procedure, you can have a free online consultation through WhatsApp 6349-5550; filling out our contact form or writing to the website chat.