la verdad acerca del trasplante de cabello

The truth about hair transplant procedures

One of the biggest fears faced by those who think about having a hair transplant procedure, is the recovery time and the scars that it can leave. But it is important to be clear that techniques with uncomfortable recovery periods and horrendous scars are already obsolete, and therefore should not even be an option.

Today, thanks to the advancement of aesthetic technology, hair transplant techniques are much simpler, safer and painless. The new hair restoration methods leave no scars and allow the patient to be back in their daily activities almost immediately.


The scars resulting from a hair transplant occur while the hair follicle is  extracted. The FUT or Strip technique cuts a piece of skin from the back of the head, then these follicles are separated with a scalpel and subsequent implantation. The problem with this is evident, the cut causes pain, leaves an uncomfortable scar and the recovery of the procedure usually takes up to 15 days.

La verdad acerca del trasplante de cabello

Although you do not believe it, today there are clinics that still offer this method of hair transplant and the most curious thing is that there are many people who accept it for real ignorance of the subject.


The good news is that, technology has advanced and there are techniques such as DHI – Direct Hair Implant, which allow the patient to live a life with hair again, without making cuts, leaving scars and not causing any pain.

la verdad acerca del trasplante de cabello

HOW DOES THE DHI TECHNIQUE WORK on a hair transplant?

  1. Follicle extraction is done directly on the follicle, with a tool with a 1mm tip.
  2. Thanks to the use of tools exclusively designed to avoid damaging the skin, the procedure is minimally invasive, so there is no scarring and virtually no pain.
  3. Follicles are preserved in a tray with HypoThermosol, to ensure their life before being implanted.
  4. Technique follows strict quality and surgical standards and protocols.
  5. The follicle’s vitality rate is up to 97%, the highest in the hair transplant industry.
  6. Implantation is done with the exclusive DHI implanter. The DHI implanter gives the specialist absolute control of the angle, direction and depht of the implanted follicle, which gives a result with a 100% natural appearance.
  7. All doctors are trained and certified by the London Hair Restoration Academy of DHI Global Medical Group.

It is important to mention that DHI Global has 50 years of experience as world leaders in hair transplants. In the DHI clinic in Panama, in Latin America, you will be attended by one of the top 5 best hair transplant specialists worldwide. Ensuring results through technique and experience.

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